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If you decide to purchase a wood portrait, here are the normal progression of steps that take place in order to complete a wood portrait from start to finish.

Step One: Photo Selection

          Take a look at your collection of pictures and try to decide on at least three. Photos that you can email to me work better than having to scan them into my computer. Not every picture makes a good pattern which is why you need to find several that I can work with. The best ones are professionally done like school pictures or wedding photographs as they offer the best lighting and contrast. However if you do not have any like that, just select the best ones you have. It will only take me a few minutes to determine which will make a good pattern and a price estimate with no obligation to purchase.

Step Two: Make the pattern

           Once we have established which picture to use, I will then begin the process of cropping the photo to maximize details. The pattern can take anywhere from an hour to a few hours depending on the amount of detail and subjects. Obviously, someone wearing a stripped or checkered shirt will have more detail than a solid color and will take more time.                                                                      

 Step Three: Pattern Approval                                                            

           When the pattern is completed I will colorize it with a wood like color to give you an idea of how it will look and email it to you for approval. If you agree that the pattern looks good I will begin to do the cutting.           

Portrait prices range from $80 to $100 dollars, sometimes more depending on the intensity of detail and how many subjects. I usually start cutting the portrait right away or as soon as I can depending on what other projects I have to complete first.   




Step Four: Portrait Completion

        I will contact you when the portrait is complete and either hand deliver it or send it out the next day. If you live local you can always pick it up at my location and save the shipping charges. I will also return any physical pictures you may have mailed to me for pattern possibilities. The portrait will be framed and ready to be hung on the wall.

Step Five: Payment

Paypal is my preferred method of payment because it takes less time. Even if you don't have a PayPal account, I simply send you an email requesting the agreed amount and just follow the easy directions. I never see any of your credit card information, I simply receive an email when the money is received into my account. And of course cash always works well too!

If you select a pattern from the free pattern catalog from the link below, simply click on the picture of the project you would like me to make for you. That will open a link to the picture and pattern of the piece as well. I suggest you print out a copy of the pattern so you can see the size that the finished piece will be. Most patterns can be made larger or smaller depending on what you want. Copy the url and paste it into an email and send it to me. Based upon the project, I will give you an estimate of what it will cost to make.
If you can not find a pattern that works for you, I enjoy making custom pieces as well. Just give me an idea or hand drawing and I will work it into a pattern.

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